Oakston Cabin, Little River. x

// Another Year Older //

I spent my birthday cruising around Banks Peninsula, camping at Okains Bay, playing tennis, eating veggie burgers, laughing, and listening to Boyz II Men (on cassette tape even, for old times sake).  Oh, and I rode the flying fox as the sun set (because there wasn't an age limit).  Pretty freakin' rad really.  Cheers, reader. x

Coast to Coast // Southern Road Trip

We had the privilege of being part of a support team for the Coast to Coast this year - such an epic few days: amazing scenery, inspirational accomplishments by our friends, and hilarity in abundance.  Team Rawesome, it was a pleasure.  Here are a few pics of our weekend journey from the West (Kumara Beach) to the East (Sumner) coasts of Canterbury. (Some taken during the lead up to the event, as we familiarised ourselves with the transition points, and others snapped (rather hastily) during the two-day event itself).  Congratulations Raws, Dundee, and JD. (And photo credit to JD's mum for the team pic!)

Summer // Chatham Island

I've finally got round to sharing more photos of my recent trip to visit my parents on Chatham Island.  I was going to present these in a more curated way - sorting the images into smaller groups with different themes or colour palettes, but that didn't seem right; with the Chathams, what you see is what you get and so I've simply laid them out here in no particular order.  

It is a beautiful place - worn and windswept with occasional outbursts of vibrant colour.  And whilst it is not a place without conflict or contradiction, it invites you in nonetheless, and welcomes you in such an endearing fashion that the island gets under your skin and stays there - and you want it to.  It is an incredible but often neglected part of our country and that is a real shame; there are so many characters, so many stories, so many stunning vistas that leave you staring, wide eyed in wonder, at the beauty and eccentricities of nature.

I miss the vast expanses of ocean and sky, blending together so perfectly that you can't quite determine exactly where they meet; I miss the staunch and twisted akeake trees with their unique personalities, growing where and how they want to, a cheeky and defiant "up yours" to the uniform pine trees at their backs; I miss the horses - so many horses! - looking wild and free despite being behind fences.  And of course, I miss my parents.  What an adventure you both are having. Thanks for letting us be a part of it for a while.

I hope I make it back there some day soon.  

(Image heavy. Not apologizing...)