Summer // Chatham Island

I've finally got round to sharing more photos of my recent trip to visit my parents on Chatham Island.  I was going to present these in a more curated way - sorting the images into smaller groups with different themes or colour palettes, but that didn't seem right; with the Chathams, what you see is what you get and so I've simply laid them out here in no particular order.  

It is a beautiful place - worn and windswept with occasional outbursts of vibrant colour.  And whilst it is not a place without conflict or contradiction, it invites you in nonetheless, and welcomes you in such an endearing fashion that the island gets under your skin and stays there - and you want it to.  It is an incredible but often neglected part of our country and that is a real shame; there are so many characters, so many stories, so many stunning vistas that leave you staring, wide eyed in wonder, at the beauty and eccentricities of nature.

I miss the vast expanses of ocean and sky, blending together so perfectly that you can't quite determine exactly where they meet; I miss the staunch and twisted akeake trees with their unique personalities, growing where and how they want to, a cheeky and defiant "up yours" to the uniform pine trees at their backs; I miss the horses - so many horses! - looking wild and free despite being behind fences.  And of course, I miss my parents.  What an adventure you both are having. Thanks for letting us be a part of it for a while.

I hope I make it back there some day soon.  

(Image heavy. Not apologizing...)