New Beginnings // Rekohu

So this is home now.  

We left Otautahi on Tuesday in the afternoon drizzle.  Two hours later, one sleepy boy, two jaded parents, three bags packed to the brim, and an assortment of small-human paraphernalia arrived on Chatham Island to a warm sea breeze and a pair of smiling grandparents - and the realisation that after months of planning, packing, and waiting, we had made it.  The rest of our worldly possessions (read: tools, books, and the all-important brewing gear) come in on the ship in a couple of weeks so we are settling in with what we have and getting to know our new home in the meantime.


We took our first whanau trip to Waitangi Wharf yesterday.  I stood at the edge and thought of Lyttelton Harbour and the friends we've left behind.  But there are adventures to be had and stories to be told outside of the familiar; this special place will provide us with both (and so much more I'm sure).

To new beginnings.

To Rekohu.