National Poetry Day // Christchurch

 Poetica Project No. 5: "El Tiempo" by Spanish poet, Frederico Garcia Lorca, painted by Christchurch artist Wongi. (New Regent Street, behind Moko cafe)

Friday night was magical.  (And I mean literally.  I (quite unexpectedly) ended up watching a magician perform whilst being accompanied by a talented be-spectacled lady on guitar.  The spectacles really have nothing to do with it, except that they looked cool, so much so that they kinda outshone the disappearing balls and reappearing handkerchiefs.  I digress).  What was more magical (and much more inspiring, sorry wavy-hands guy and cool guitar-playing lady) was Phantom Billstickers and Addington Coffee Co Op's National Poetry Day celebration; Tusiata Avia, Ben Brown, John Pule, Jay ClarksonDavid Eggleton &  Frankie McMillan read their poetry aloud, which culminated in an incredibly moving and memorable evening.  I felt privileged to be there and was (am, still) inspired by their work.  

In honour of this wonderous day, I give you more great poetry/writerly related bits scattered about the internet, patiently awaiting your visit:

Patti Smith - The Coral Sea Reading  (with audio)

Navigating Spaces by Grace Taylor 

James Rhodes: "Find What You Love and Let it Kill You" (thems fightin' words... )

"No Ordinary Sun" by Hone Tuwhare (one of my favourite poems) 

Catalyst NZ - Christchurch based poet's collective

Poetica: Christchurch's Urban Poetry Project (big ups to Elise Franklin for all her hard work in brightening our streets with poetry)

(P.S. If any of you use Good Reads my profile of "have reads" and "want to reads" is here.  It's a great site to get reading ideas, and, if you're ever super bored, (or want another avenue for procrastination), scroll through the reviews for equal parts insightfulness and hilarity.)